CB Doors and Remodeling is a recognized door installation company in the Metro Atlanta area. This business began from our passion for wrought iron doors, not only because of their beauty and stature, but by the remarkable impact and curb appeal they have on a home. As an entryway to your comfort zone, whether it’s your home or place of business, your door is the first impression to your guests, and as we know, first impressions are lasting. Here at CB Doors and Remodeling our mission is to make that first impression to not only last, but to make it one a homeowner will be proud of.

Our major business is wrought iron door installations. However, our service offering goes beyond that. If you need to open a wall or modify an existing opening to accommodate a larger door or even a smaller one we can get it done professionally while improving the structural integrity of your home.

Wooden and fiberglass doors are also a viable option for homeowners, and as such we have not neglected our clients with this service. This service offering also includes installation of patio and interior doors.

Currently our business model is the installation of doors sourced by customers.  With our growth and trustworthiness within the industry, we have been transitioning into a full service model upon request by customers. In these cases we use our experience and knowledge of the industry to provide a way more budget friendly experience. We therefore urge prospective customers to consult us first and take advantage of this cost effective way to a beautiful door.